Polyquaternium-6 (Resoft 6)

      INCI Name:

      General Information:
      This product gathers strong cationic electrolyte, appearance is clear colorless or yellowish viscose liquid, freezing point is -2.8℃,specific weight is 1.04g/cm3,resolve temperature is 280-300℃ .It is easy to dissolve in water and not easy to combust, It has strong coagulate dint, good water solution stability. It doesn’t become gel and keep stability in wide pH range, It has good anti-chlorine ability and high charge density, this characteristic makes it become ideal product in hair care products. It also can be applied in skin care products.

      1) Additive for hair
      •  Improves the wet and dry combability
      •  Prevents the build-up of static electricity
      •  Gives the hair volume and sheen
      •  Provides a holding effect 
      •  Water soluble substance, easy to use 
      •  Water solution is clear, it can use in clear rinse conditioner
      2)Additive for improved skin feeling
      •  In cleansing products, helps to stabilize foam and improve its film-forming properties
      •  Acts as a lubricant on skin and make the end products easy to apply
      •  Provides excellent moisturizing ability, reduces tightness feeling after use

      •  Conditioning shampoos
      •  Conditioners
      •  Aerosol mousses and other styling products
      •  Hair relaxers
      •  Hair bleaches
      •  Hair dyes
      •  Permanent waves
      •  Shaving products
      •  Skin creams and lotions
      •  Deodorants and antiperspirants
      •  Liquid and bar soaps

      Formula guidelines:
      Miscible in water or ethanol , Add it in formula at room temperature


      Storage & Handling:
      Standard Packing: 50kg/drum ; 200kg/drum
      Storage: Keep in cool, Dry, Ventilated and Lightless Place.
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