Polyquaternium-11(Resoft 11)

      INCI name:
      Polyquaternium – 11

      General Information:
      Resoft 11 is a quaternized copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone and dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate. It is a high molecular weight product (average molecular weight ~ 1,000,000), supplied as a highly viscous, aqueous solution (20% solids). It forms clear, non-tacky, continuous films. Resoft 11 provides conditioning and bodying effects, with minimum build-up for hair substantively. It improves wet and dry combability, gloss, smoothness and manageability for hair. It also can be used to improve the skin feeling in skin care products. Resoft 11 is compatible with nonionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants.
      Formulator Benefits:
      Water soluble substance, easy to use
      Water solution is clear, it can be used in clear rinse conditioner
      End Consumer Benefits:
      Additive for hair
      Improves wet combability
      Prevents build-up of static electricity
      Gives hair volume and sheen
      Provides holding effect.
      Provides thermal/mechanical protection
      Additive for improving skin feeling
      In shaving foams, helps to stabilize the foam.
      Acts as a lubricant on skin through its film-forming properties.

      Conditioning shampoo
      Clear rinse conditioner
      Aerosol mousse
      Styling gels and glaze
      Shaving product
      Skin creams and lotion
      Deodorants and antiperspirant
      Liquid and bar soap

      Formula Guidelines
      Miscible in water and ethanol, Add it in formula at room temperature


      Storage & Handling
      Standard Packing: 35kg/drum
      Storage: Keep in Cool, Dry, Ventilated and Lightless Place.

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