Polyquaterniu-39(Resoft 39)

      INCI name: 
      General Information:
      Resoft 39 is a quaternized terpolymer, affinitive to keratin of hair and skin. It imparts good combability in shampoo and conditioner, moisturization and silky-feeling in body wash,skin cream. It also has conditioning and style-fixing effect in styling product. It also can be used in hair cold wave.
       Affinitive to keratin of hair and skin.
      Compatible with all kinds of surfactant.
      Impart hair and skin lubricous and moist feeling.
      Good conditioning ability in a broad pH range.
      Improve dry & wet combability, manageability of hair.
      Can reach content of 40% when compounding with alcohol.
      2 in 1 shampoo
      Leave-in and rinse-off hair conditioner
      Styling gel and hair tonic
      Body wash
      Hair dyeing cream
      Skin lotion and cream
      Formula Guidelines
      Typically used at a level of 1.0~6.0%.
      Storage & Handling
      Standard Packing:  60kg/125kg/200kg/drum
      Storage:  Keep in Cool, Dry, Ventilated and Lightless Place.
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