Remollient Oil

      INCI name:
      Glycerin & Glyceryl Acrylate/acrylic acid copolymer & Propylene Glycol & PVM/MA Copolymer
      General Information:
      It is unique structure of Meta Acrylate, as a superior moisturizer with the function of preventing water release. It is improving the feeling of soft and glossy in the skins. It also keeps your skin moisturized well. It is colorless and transparent. It shows excellent stable structure and easy to be dissolved in water without a certain emulsifying system to dissolve. The most advantage of this product is that it’s widely used for the personal care markets.
      Good transparent
      Improving the feeling of soft and glossy on skin
      Excellent stable structure and easy to dissolve
      Good safty and skin tolerance
      Improving the rheology character and stability of personal care products.
      Skin moisturizer
      Lotion and cream
      skin toner
      Sun screen cream
      body cream and lotion
      Cleansing gel
      Storage & Handling
      Standard Packing: 20kg/drum.
      Storage: Keep in cool, Dry, Ventilated and Lightless Place. In original sealed containers protected from moisture and at temperatures below 30°C the product can be stored for at least two years.
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