Acrylates Copolymer (Repoly 100)

      INCI Name:
      Acrylates Copolymer 

      General Information:
      Repoly100 is an excellent rheology modifier, alkali-swellable anionic acrylic polymer emulsion,lightly crosslinked. It provides the convenience of a liquid while delivering unique benefits to surfactant-based cleansing products. It is designed to impart eficient suspending and stabilizing, as well as thickening properties in a formulation which contains high level of surfactants. It is able to produce very clear formulations containing high level of surfactants. It works synergistically with surfactants andsalt resulting in efficient suspending, stabilizing, and thickening property. It allows for suspending, stabilization,and thickening of low pH systems, insoluble and difficult-tostabilize ingredients such as silicones can be co-emulsified and stabilized.It also has the remarkable ability to enhance the pearlescent appearance of surfactant formulations. It can be widely used in personal cleansing products.

      •  Non associating rheology modifier
      •  Excellent at suspending silicone, zinc pyrithione, powder and other insoluble ingredient in shampoo.
      •  Provides stabilizing, thickening and co-emulsifying functions.
      •  Applicable for transparent system.
      •  Works synergistically with surfactants and salt
      •  Enhance the visual impact of pearlizing additives and improve the stability dramatically

      •  Pearly shampoo, pearly body wash and other cleansers
      •  Conditioning products with big particle size or high molecular weight ingredients such as: conditioning shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, Moisturizing body wash
      •  Foundation cream / lotion
      •  Sunscreen cream / lotion
      •  Formula with Alcohol, Glycol, Isopropanol, Propylene Glycol and Glycerol
      •  Hair dye

      Formula Guidelines:
      The minimum recommended dosage of Repoly 100 polymer in surfactant-based products is 5.0% as supplied (1.5% active). The dosage depends on the amount of surfactant and salt for additional thickening. If the formulation hasn’t salt or has low surfactant actives, typical dosage is 8-10% as supplied (2.4-3.0% active).
      In most situations, Repoly 100 polymer can be added to the free water of a formulation with gentle mixing at the start of the batching process. At this point, the pH will be about 3, resulting in very low viscosity. Upon addition of a base, the polymerwill be neutralized, resulting in immediate increase in suspending properties and viscosity.

      Storage & Handling:
      Standard Packing: 200kg/drum
      Storage: Keep in cool, Dry, Ventilated and Lightless Place.
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