Carbomer (Repoly 140/196)

      INCI Name: Carbomer     (Guide Formulas)    

      Trade Name:Repoly 140/196

      CAS NO.: 9003-1-4

      General Information:
      Repoly 140 is a crosslinked polyacylate polymer with strong moisturizing ability, acting as high-efficient & low-dosage thickener and suspending agent. It can be neutralized by alkali to form clear gel. Once its carboxyl group is neutralized, molecule chain expands extremely and viscidity comes up, due to mutually exclusion of negative charge. It can enhance yield value and rheology of liquid substances, thus it is easy to get insoluble ingredients (granual, oil drop) suspended at low dosage. It is widely used in O/W lotion and cream as favorable suspending agent.

      •  High-efficient thickening, suspending and stabilizing ability at low dosage
      •  Outstanding short flow (non-drip) property
      •  High clarity
      •  Resist temperature effect to viscosity

      End Application:
      •  Clear hydroalcoholic gel .
      •  lotion and cream
      •  Hair styling gel
      •  Shampoo
      •  Body wash 

      Formula Guidelines:0.2-1.0%

      Following operations are forbidden, otherwise result in loss of thickening ability:
      -- Lasting stir or high-shear stir after neutralization 
      -- Lasting UV irradiation
      -- Combine with electrolytes

      Storage & Handling:
      Standard Packing: 20kg/cardboard box with PE lining
      Storage: Keep in cool, Dry, Ventilation and Lightless Place
      Shelf Life: 24 months

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